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Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay.

Mascara Cake, black or brown

Bain & Savon

Available from Plastic Freedom & Peace with the Wild

Vegan & Palm oil free

Zero waste product; reuse your old mascara brush


Black cake mascara

Available from Bésame cosmetics


Tin container. Refills available

£17 (refill) / £21

Eyes Right Mascara
Available from Lush
Vegan but contains stearic acid that contains palm oil
Return pot to store as part of Lush’s black pot scheme; no new pots produced since 2013
£15.50 each


Black vegan zero waste cake mascara (can also be used as eyeliner)
Clean-faced cosmetics
Available from Etsy

Comes in a tin and, using a coupon code, you can send this back for a refill. 


Luna Beauty
Available from Amazon
Glass bottle with metal lid. No wand included


Be brave and make your own!
Recipe courtesy of Going Zero Waste

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