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DIY room freshener

One tablespoon of baking soda
Two cups of warm water
Ten drops of essential oil

Add baking soda to a clean spray bottle. Add water.
Put on lid and shake until baking soda dissolved.
Add ten drops of chosen essential oils.

DIY orange air freshener

Recipe requires infused vodka:

4 cups vodka (high-proof vodka)
Peels from 2-4 oranges, grapefruit, and/or lemons
2-3 sprigs fresh herbs (eg mint or rosemary)

Then follow this for sprayable air freshener:

Infused vodka
Distilled water
30-35 drops sweet orange essential oil (per 16 oz bottle)
20-25 drops germ destroyer essential oil, eg lavender oil

Fill a spray bottle with half infused vodka and half distilled water.
Add the essential oils until you reach the desired scent.

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